At Peter’s Technology, we are an ISO 13485 and FDA registered facility. We believe that quality is the life force of our business, and we take the necessary measures to ensure that each component used to create our products is of the highest quality. We have constantly invested in enhancing our inspection capabilities to ensure the products we build meet the customer’s requirements and expectations. As a result, we have created our metrology lab with the latest state of art equipment to monitor incoming raw materials and the products we manufacture.

Our Quality of Products


Bio-Burden Lab

We monitor and track our bioburden levels in the CER to ensure there is no fluctuation in bioburden counts to ensure our manufacturing process remains stable.

Laser Power Meter

We monitor our laser machines, to ensure our laser systems are working properly and delivering the correct energy.


UV Light Meter

Ensuring a repeatable curing process, we monitor our system to ensure process control and high quality products.

Micro Ohm Meter

Our equipment provides a high precision and readable test result of small resistance values, range: 20mΩ-20kΩ.


Computer Cable Tester

The tester detects open/short, continuity, mis-wire, conductivity, and insulation resistance failures. IPC-WHMA A-620 Compliant.

Cirris Hipot Tester

The testers use 1500VDC/1000VAC to verify electrical properties of medical cable assemblies and assemblies. IPC-WHMA A-620 Compliant.



Our testers use frequency range: 20Hz-2MHz, to test inductance, capacitance, and resistance of electronic components.

Hi-Voltage Insulation Tester

We test the Hipot performances (current leakage) of cables and wires. Voltage settings: 5000VAC 20mA, 6000VDC 5mA


TDR & Network Analyzer

Test of Return Loss, SWR, Cross Talk, Attenuation in signal components, wire harness, or cable assemblies.Frequency range:300KHz-8.5GHz

Cable Bending Tester

We verify the product reliability of the cable by repeated bends meeting the customer’s requirement and related industry’s standard.


Temperature & Humidity Chamber

For environmental experiments to verify the reliability of product designs, Temp Range:-40°C~150°C, Humidity Range: 20-98% RH.

Vicker Hardness Tester

Test of hardness specimens of small and thin size with metal plating on the surface. Testing range: 5-3000HV


Instron Force Tester

Force test range less than 50 kN. It provides simplicity, performance, and affordability for quality control and product testing.

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

Ensuring RoHS material compliance, we use accurate trace element analysis to detect the presence of the substances Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr+6.


XRF Analyzer

To detect the correct material is present in a sample; we test the content of each element by calculating the atomic weight.

FTIR Spectrometer

To verify the compounds of plastic polymer materials for products received is per customer design requirements.


Digital Microscope

Our equipment has the capability to take photos of the observed item at 2 million to 54 million PPI. Magnification:10X-1000X.

OGP SmartScope

Optical Gaging Products (OGP) dimensional and 3D measuring technology used to ensure incoming products meet design specification.